OneFourThirteen Records was founded to help unsigned bands and artists, choirs, schools and clubs with commercial releases and fundraising music projects.

The music business has changed a lot in a relatively short time. Advances in technology have made it possible for the more tenacious among us to bypass record labels altogether and go it alone, creating our own music from home.

The arrival of download sites made it possible for us to reach our audience through self-releases, without necessarily having to find the money to pay for manufacturing CDs, although we shouldn't forget that CDs are still an important weapon in the fight to be heard.

OneFourThirteen are here, initially, for those of you who want to self-release but don't know quite where to start; or perhaps your project has stalled and you could use a helping hand to get over the finish-line.

With experience in music recording and production, CD manufacturing and digital downloads via the main distributers, we can help you to reach your audience with a professional-sounding product.

Neil Elby
Head of OneFourThirteen Records